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    Our Challenge: White Pages Phone Books are Wasteful

    Did you know that an estimated 5 million trees are cut down each year to create white pages phone books and that according to a recent survey conducted with Harris Interactive, only 22% of recipients recycle when disposing of them, which explains why approximately 165,000 tons of waste end up in landfills?* In addition, our own survey shows that almost 75% of consumers are completely unaware of the environmental and financial impact in printing, delivering and recycling these books. Given that you likely use online directories, social networks and mobile phone applications to find the contact information you need, it simply does not make sense to have the white pages phone books forcefully delivered to us every year.


    Our Solution: An Opt-in Delivery Program

    According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 87% of consumers would support an 'opt-in' program (only receive a white pages phone book if you request one) if they knew it would have a positive impact on the environment and save taxpayers money. wants you to know that you have the power to influence the telephone companies, public utility commissions and local city and state governments to institute an opt-in delivery program. All you need to do is simply sign the petition (top right) and help everyone live in a cleaner and greener America.

    Take Action Now! 3 Simple Actions to Stop the Waste

    1. Sign the petition (at top right) to create an opt-in delivery program.
    2. Use free online directories and mobile applications to find contact info.
    3. Join our Facebook fan page and tell your friends.

    *The 5MM number is an internal estimate that we came up from based on information that we obtained from a number of sources including the FCC, the Product Stewardship Institute and Conservatree. The 165k number comes from the Product Stewardship Institute that estimates 660k tons of phone book waste enters landfills each year. Twenty seven percent of all phone book directories are white pages, which means that they equate to 165k of the estimated 660k tons of wastes that end up in landfills each year.